Saturday, May 28, 2016

Partnerships & Collaborations

By working across institutional and geographic boundaries, Sea Grant is able to leverage its talents, capabilities and resources. Sea Grant programs partner with thousands of organizations in order to leverage efforts, meet goals and expand the scope of their efforts.

At the national level, Sea Grant partners with the National Marine Fisheries Service, the National Weather Service, the National Ocean Service and the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research in order to advance NOAA’s mission. For example, Sea Grant is working with the National Weather Service on its Weather‐Ready Nation initiative to help communities prepare for and recover from weather‐ related disasters. Sea Grant is conducting extension and outreach activities for NOAA’s Coastal Storms Program in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific regions and will soon be involved in the Great Lakes.

Here is a sampling of national Sea Grant partnerships that are serving our nation:

Smart Growth

The Smart Growth initiative dates back to 2003, when the National Sea Grant Office (NSGO) and Sea Grant network agents and specialists met with managers and staff at EPA’s Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds and Policy, Economics and Innovation to discuss mutual interests in coastal community development. From that meeting, a partnership was developed with the EPA to provide education and training opportunities to local decision-makers through Sea Grant’s Coastal Community Development (CCD) Program. Since then, significant partnership opportunities have been leveraged by coupling EPA’s national smart growth expertise and resources with Sea Grant’s locally based extension and education infrastructure.

In 2009, Sea Grant  partnered with EPA and  NOAA to develop Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities. To supplement that report, Sea Grant meet with EPA Office of Sustainable Communities, NOAA Coastal Services Center, and NOAA Office of Coastal and Ocean Resource Management in 2011 for a two-day roundtable meeting of national experts from the fields of smart growth, hazard mitigation, climate change adaptation, and coastal management. This partnership produced a new report, Achieving Hazard-Resilient Coastal & Waterfront Smart Growth.

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