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National Sea Grant Advisory Board

The National Sea Grant Advisory Board is the National Sea Grant College Program's Federal Advisory Committee (FAC). The Board advises NOAA and the National Sea Grant College Program on strategies to address the Nation's highest priorities in terms of the understanding, assessment, development, management utilization and conservation of ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources.



NSGAB members_2017

National Sea Grant Advisory Board members convened their Spring 2017 meeting in Washington, D.C. Photo credit: Christopher Katalinas, National Sea Grant Office


Jonathan Pennock, Director, National Sea Grant College Program
Fredrika Moser, Sea Grant Association President and Maryland Sea Grant Program Director


Elizabeth Rohring, National Sea Grant Advisory Board Designated Federal Officer


November 11-12, 2019 (San Juan, PR) - Agenda, Federal Register Notice

June 18, 2019 (Silver Spring, MD) - Agenda, Draft Meeting Notes
March 5-6, 2019 (cancelled)
December 10, 2018 (Virtual) - Agenda, Meeting notes
May 14, 2018 (Virtual) - Agenda, Meeting Notes
March 6-7, 2018 (Washington, DC) - Agenda, Meeting Notes
October 16-17, 2017 (Savannah, GA) - Agenda, Meeting Notes
March 6-7, 2017 (Washington, DC) - Agenda; Meeting Notes 
October 9-10, 2016 (Newport, RI) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
August 12, 2016 (Virtual) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
March 7-8, 2016 (Washington, DC) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
November 3-4, 2015 (Honolulu, HI) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
March 2-3, 2015 (Washington, DC) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
September 7-8, 2014 (Clearwater Beach, FL) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
August 18, 2014 (Virtual) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
February 27-28, 2014 (Virtual) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
September 23-24, 2013 (Gibralter Island, OH) - Agenda; Meeting Notes
March 4-5, 2013 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
September 16-17, 2012 (Girdwood, AK) - Meeting Notes
August 6, 2012 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
March 5-6, 2012 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
September 28-29, 2011 (Narraganset, RI) - Meeting Notes
February 8-9, 2011 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
October 16-17, 2010 ( New Orleans, LA) - Meeting Notes
March 9-10, 2010 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
August 26-28, 2009 (Seattle WA) - Meeting Notes
February 11-12, 2009 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
November 11-13, 2008 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
July 15, 2008 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
April 29, 2008 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
March 5-6, 2008 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
November 14, 2007 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
September 29-30, 2007 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
August 27, 2007 - Meeting Notes
July 16, 2007 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
February 21-22, 2007 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
August 30, 2006 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
March 6-7, 2006 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
November 15-16, 2005 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
June 5, 2005 (Virtual) - Meeting Notes
November 16-17, 2004 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
April 6-7, 2004 (Silver Spring, MD) - Meeting Notes
November 12-13, 2003 (Washington, DC) - Meeting Notes
April 26 & 30, 2003 (Galveston, TX) - Meeting Notes


Become a member

The National Sea Grant College Program is required by law to solicit nominations at least once a year for membership on the National Sea Grant Advisory Board. Nominations and applications for membership to the Advisory Board should be sent to Elizabeth Rohring, National Sea Grant College Program, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 1315 East-West Highway, Room 11853, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910. A resume, or curriculum vitae, is required for all applications. A cover letter highlighting specific areas of expertise relevant to the Advisory Board is helpful, but not required. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis.


NOAA is an equal opportunity employer. Individuals selected for Federal Advisory Committee Membership become a Special Government Employee (SGE) of the United States Government. According to 18 U.S.C. 202(a), an SGE(s) is an officer or employee of an agency who is retained, designated, appointed, or employed to perform temporary duties, with or without compensation, not to exceed 130 days during any period of 365 consecutive days, either on a full time or intermittent basis. Please be aware that after the selection process is complete applicants selected to serve on the Board must complete the following actions before they can be appointed as a Board member: (a) Security Clearance (on-line Background Security Check process and fingerprinting conducted through NOAA Workforce Management), and (b) Confidential Financial Disclosure Report—As an SGE, you are required to file a Confidential Financial Disclosure Report annually to avoid involvement in a real or apparent conflict of interest.

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