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Community Engaged Internship for Undergraduate Students

The Community Engaged Internship is designed for undergraduate students from underrepresented and indigenous communities. The overarching goal of this internship program is to broaden participation in marine and coastal professions by providing training and mentorship to the next generation of scientists, decision makers and citizens. The program will do so by recruiting, retaining and engaging diverse students in place-based research, extension, education and/or communication that respects and integrates local ways of knowing.  


The key components of this program are listed below, and details about specific internship opportunities will vary by Sea Grant program:

  • On-the-ground learning experience through a 10-week internship over the summer months, including  
  • 8 weeks to complete a project that extends the knowledge of community stakeholders to address a coastal, marine or Great Lakes issue of environmental, economic and/or social importance, and
  • 2 weeks invested in professional development
  • Sea Grant-led mentorship
  • Webinar-based professional development sessions
  • A cohort of fellow student interns to network and engage with
  • A meeting at the end of the internship program to further learn about the mission and work of Sea Grant, exchange knowledge and explore the role fellows can play to solve coastal, marine and Great Lakes challenges


Questions about the program can be directed to


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Announcing the Class of 2020

Information on students selected for the Community Engaged Internship Class of 2020 coming soon!




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Ten Weeks for a Formative Experience: Wisconsin Sea Grant offers adapted summer undergraduate internships

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Ten Weeks for a Formative Experience: Wisconsin Sea Grant offers adapted summer undergraduate internships

Ten weeks can be fleeting. Even though the days may pass quickly, they can be momentous ones. At Wisconsin Sea Grant this summer, the hope is that for eight undergraduates 70 days will be formative. The eight students are participating in an inaugural internship program targeted toward underserved and indigenous communities, rich in mentoring and, in three of the five opportunities, focused on tribal issues.  

Sea Grant Network: Visit Inside Sea Grant for guidance documents, templates, forms and more. 

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