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Sea Grant in Aquaculture

Sea Grant invests in the development of sustainable marine and Great Lakes aquaculture businesses to help coastal communities maintain a safe and sustainable local seafood supply. Sea Grant's investment in aquaculture focuses on research and technology transfer, often through one-on-one interactions with extension agents, to support and expand America's aquaculture industry.Questions about Sea Grant's aquaculture work or the aquaculture funding opportunity may be directed to

Sea Grant Aquaculture Highlights, 2018 (pdf)

10-year NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Vision, 2016 (pdf)

Summary fact sheet of the 10-year NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Vision, 2016 (pdf)

More information on aquaculture in the U.S. (NOAA Office of Aquaculture)

Announcement of aquaculture projects funded by Sea Grant's 2017 National Strategic Investment in Aquaculture

Sea Grant aquaculture funding opportunity, open December 14, 2017 to March 30, 2018














*Metrics reported in July 2017 for work conducted February 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. Sea Grant Investment = Funding to advance aquaculture research, technology transfer, and extension. Economic impact = market and non-market value of Sea Grant's work related to aquaculture; value of jobs and businesses. Businesses = the number of aquaculture businesses created or sustained as a result of Sea Grant efforts. Jobs = aquaculture jobs created or sustained as a result of Sea Grant efforts.

Feature Aquaculture Impacts

Meet Sea Grant Experts in Aquaculture

Michael Chambers, Ph.D.

Marine Aquaculture Extension Specialist, N.H. Sea Grant - Michael Chambers designed an Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) Platform which provides seed to local farmers to help sustain oyster, mussel and seaweed aquaculture in the region.

"We've seen one farm grow to now 14 farms, so it has been a tremendous growth in the past 7 years."

Dana Morse

Marine Extension Associate, Maine Sea Grant - Dana Morse provides training and technical assistance to shellfish farmers to help advance an emerging aquaculture industry and satisfy the demand for sustainable seafood in the region.

"I have seen a sector get its feet under it and solidify to become a solid thing."

Rob Hein

Aquaculture Technician, Georgia Sea Grant - Rob Hein provides technical assistance to Georgia Sea Grant's oyster hatchery that is the sole provider of seed to oyster growers in the state.

"It is fulfilling to participate in an expanding industry that provides food for people at the same time as creating stakeholders in the industry who want to protect the environment and also cleaning the water itself."

Aquaculture Stories and News

Maryland Sea Grant and partners discuss aquaculture, diversity in marine sciences with NOAA Administrator

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Maryland Sea Grant and partners discuss aquaculture, diversity in marine sciences with NOAA Administrator

Acting NOAA Administrator RDML Timothy Gallaudet visited Maryland Sea Grant and IMET in May 2018 for a discussion focused on aquaculture research and how the partners are advancing diversity in the marine sciences. 

Getting Students Hooked on Science

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Getting Students Hooked on Science

Maryland Sea Grant partners with teachers to bring aquaculture into the classroom

Maryland Sea Grant is working to increase environmental literacy by partnering with teachers to bring aquaculture into the classroom.

BayMap Leads to Discoveries in Offshore Waters Near and Far

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BayMap Leads to Discoveries in Offshore Waters Near and Far

To fill a knowledge gap about the shallow seafloor right off Rhode Island's coast, Rhode Island Sea Grant invested in the development of BayMap, a collection of marine habitat maps for Narragansett Bay and surrounding coastal ponds for use by resource managers and scientists.

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