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Sea Grant researchers and outreach specialists support cutting-edge research in the areas of coastal processes, hazards, energy sources, climate change, storm water management and tourism. Communities seek Sea Grant expertise to support and sustain diverse and vibrant coastal economies.



The South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium helped Charleston, S.C. residents respond to record flooding in October 2015. Photo credit: Kyle Buck











*Metrics reported in Summer 2020 for work conducted February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020.

Resilience Featured Impacts

Meet Sea Grant Experts in Resilience

Karen Bareford, Ph.D.

National Water Extension Liaison , Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant - Karen facilitates the delivery of resources that will allow communities and organizations to accurately and efficiently make vital short- and long-term planning decisions regarding the safety and security of their citizens and water resources. These resources assist individuals, governmental entities, emergency response personnel, resource managers, and businesses to plan for and protect citizens, water resources, property, and the long-term sustainability of public health, the economy, and daily lives.

“I work to enable access to NOAA data in formats that people can, and will, utilize to make more informed decisions at the individual and community levels.”

Davin Holen, Ph.D.

Program Leader, Coastal Community Resilience Specialist, Alaska Sea Grant -Davin provides expertise, research, and extension services that enhance the culture and well-being of coastal communities across Alaska. Davin works collaboratively with the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (NOAA/RISA program) at UAF’s International Arctic Research Center, and as a Sea Grant liaison is supported by and draws on resources from NOAA and the National Sea Grant program.

"I provide data and decision support tools for communities to make informed decisions about mitigating impacts from changes that are occurring rapidly in Alaska and plan communities that are resilient for future generations."

Lisa Wise

Climate Adaptation Program Coordinator, New Hampshire Sea Grant - Lisa develops programs for coastal communities in New Hampshire focused on ways to adapt to a changing climate.

"The most rewarding thing for me so far has been meeting with people face-to-face, hearing their challenges, and helping connect them to Sea Grant or partner organization resources."

Resilience Stories and News

Sea Grant’s recent research publications highlight notable work across focus areas

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Sea Grant’s recent research publications highlight notable work across focus areas

From fisheries management to marsh restoration, Sea Grant makes discoveries, develops new resources

Research is an essential component of Sea Grant’s work in coastal and Great Lakes communities, supporting scientists from hundreds of institutions. Here are just a few of Sea Grant’s recent research publications that are making a splash.


Sea Grant Recognizes Best in Program

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Sea Grant Recognizes Best in Program

Sea Grant recently rolled out the (virtual) red carpet to recognize some of its own for their exemplary efforts at putting science to work for America’s coastal communities.

As 2020 draws to a close, Sea Grant is reflecting on its best moments of what has been an especially challenging year. Several Sea Grant projects and people were recently recognized by the Sea Grant Association (SGA) for their exceptional work. 


Sea Grant responds to COVID-19-related challenges across the country

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Sea Grant responds to COVID-19-related challenges across the country

As the country adapts to changes necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, coastal and Great Lakes communities, too, are rethinking how to resume what were once normal activities. Sea Grant programs are leading efforts to provide relief to the communities they serve. Read about a few of the initiatives Sea Grant created or enhanced in recent months.

Citizen science in shifting sands

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Citizen science in shifting sands

Sea Grant volunteers in three states track our changing coasts

In a changing climate, sea-level rise, storm surge and erosion all threaten our coasts’ sandy beaches. Teams of volunteer citizen scientists from New Hampshire, Maine and California Sea Grant programs are helping researchers keep a finger on the pulse of the shifting sands.

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