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Coastal Tourism Resources

Sea Grant works with coastal communities across the country to promote the safe and sustainable use of ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources. 

Coastal Tourism Fact Sheet (PDF)


Mobile Apps and Websites

Blueways-Greenways in the Charleston, S.C. Region

South Carolina Sea Grant worked with multiple partners to develop an interactive web-mapping app of blueways and greenways in Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties which allows users to explore features in the area such as land and water trails, water access points, green spaces and historic sites. You can also check the current weather, wind conditions, and stream gauges. For more information: “How To Guide for Developing Blueways and Greenways in the State of South Carolina."

Chicago Water Walk 

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant developed the Chicago Water Walk website to help tourists explore the water front areas around Chicago. The website includes an online tour and mobile app download, and allows users to explore the city’s beautiful downtown lake and riverfronts. Along the way, users learn the importance of these resources to the region through fun facts, history, biology, and more.

Dolphin and Whale 911

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant and NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service partnered to develop Dolphin and Whale 911. The mobile app allows boaters and others to identify marine mammals and provides a feature to report injured or stranded marine mammals. In addition, the app promotes responsible wildlife viewing from a safe distance.

Downeast Fisheries Trail

Maine Sea Grant coordinates the Downeast Fisheries Trail, which celebrates the fishing heritage of Downeast, Maine. The coastal trail is accessible by road, and each stop highlights a story related to fisheries heritage and history in the region. The project is also on Facebook


Great Lakes Angler Diary

Michigan Sea Grant developed a mobile app that allows anglers to track their catch and share valuable information with fisheries biologists. The site and app here can be found here.


Hawai'i: Discover the Fish of Hanauma Bay (Oahu)

Explore Hanauma Bay with University of Hawai'i Sea Grant College Program’s digital fish guide. The Hanauma Fish app provides users with access to full color images, names (English, Hawaiian, and scientific), and descriptions of the fishes most commonly viewed by snorkelers and swimmers at Hanauma Bay. Authored by Dr. John E. Randall, world renowned ichthyologist, this app is based on Hawaii Sea Grant’s waterproof fish book “Snorkeler’s Guide to the Fishes of Hanauma Bay.”

Louisiana Direct Seafood

Louisiana Direct Seafood is a web-based resource to help coastal fishermen connect directly with consumers and build community support for a fresh, local, product ‘straight from the boat’. The site is a partnership effort between Louisiana Sea Grant and LSU Ag Center. In addition to connecting fishermen and consumers, this initiative is also focused on quality business practices, working with fishermen to deliver a superior, sustainable product that meets rigorous standards and preserves fisheries for generations to come.


Rip Current Watch

Rip Current Watch

Wisconsin Sea Grant and partners maintain the Rip Current Watch site to provide real-time data and forecasts for rip currents at Port Washington, Wisconsin. The information is also available via a mobile app for Android devices.

Seafood at Your Fingertips

Florida Sea Grant helps consumers choose the best seafood. Market choices are more plentiful than ever, but so are questions. What’s imported and what’s local? Is my choice nutritious and safe to eat? How do I fix the fish I purchased at the grocery?

The app is available for iPhone and Android.

Whale Alert 

California Sea Grant State Fellows based at the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary worked with partners to develop a whale sighting app to reduce ship strikes. Launched in 2013 and called Spotter, the app was merged with Whale Alert

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Louisiana Sea Grant and partners developed WAVE to assist boaters with charts, emergency preparedness, current conditions and more. The purpose of the app is to improve emergency preparedness for commercial fishermen and other users of the waterway.

Wisconsin Fish ID

Wisconsin Sea Grant developed a fish identification tool for species found in Wisconsin waters. Serach by name or appearance. Content includes images and descriptions. The mobile app available for both iPhone and Android. 

Shoreline Rhode Island

Shoreline Rhode Island provides over 300 public access points on the coast and bays of Rhode Island. The site allows users to search by activity and location. Rhode Island Sea Grant developed Shoreline Rhode Island as an update to a 2004 publication, Public Access to the Rhode Island Coast, which was published by Rhode Island Sea Grant and the URI Coastal Resources Center.


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