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New Hampshire Sea Grant achieved college status in 2003 and is based at the University of New Hampshire. They work to address the needs of New Hampshire's coastal communities through research, education and outreach.

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New Hampshire Sea Grant by the Numbers

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*Metrics reported in July 2017 for work conducted February 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. Economic impact = market and non-market value of Sea Grant's work; value of jobs and businesses. Businesses = the number of businesses created or sustained as a result of Sea Grant efforts.

New Hampshire Sea Grant Featured Impacts

Meet New Hampshire Sea Grant Experts

Gabriela Bradt, Ph.D.

Commercial Fisheries Extension Specialist - Dr. Bradt's research aims to inform the use of invasive green crabs as a possible seafood product. This would help control the spread of the invasion, while also providing added income to local fishermen that are experiencing trouble with the current wild harvest fisheries.

"If we are going to have enough supply for restaurants and other markets...we need to be able to get a whole bunch of them [green crabs] to molt around the same time."

Alyson Eberhardt

Coastal Ecosystems Specialist - Alyson is working with Caitlin Peterson, the Citizen Science Outreach Coordinator, to coordinate a community-based sand dune restoration project to increase coastal resilience along the N.H. coast.

"I have always been very interested in applied science, and science that has direct connections to people and solving real world probelms. To me, that really embodies what Sea Grant is."

Michael Chambers, Ph.D.

Marine Aquaculture Extension Specialist - Michael Chambers designed an Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) Platform which provides seed to local farmers to help sustain oyster, mussel and seaweed aquaculture in the region.

We've seen one farm grow to now 14 farms, so it has been a tremendous growth in the past 7 years."

New Hampshire Stories and News

Relief that Restores: Shellfish Aquaculture

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Relief that Restores: Shellfish Aquaculture

Sea Grant rapid response investments in aquaculture in 2020 provide multifaceted benefits

Several Sea Grant projects purchased farm fresh seafood originally intended for local restaurants and repurposed it to restore aquatic and marine environments. Not only did this creative solution aid in local restoration efforts but it also provided immediate relief to aquaculture producers whose sales were impacted by the pandemic.

Celebrating American Lobster Initiative successes on National Lobster Day

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Celebrating American Lobster Initiative successes on National Lobster Day

The Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative, created in 2019, works to understand ecosystem changes affecting American lobster and share findings with regional stakeholders who can use the information to influence lobster management. This National Lobster Day (September 25) take a look at the extension and research strides made by Sea Grant’s American Lobster Initiative in its first year.

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